Form Will Not Save You - But Your Training Will

Form is important. The best form in the world will not save you when you fight for your life; unless your training prepares you to fight when your heart rate is at 185+ and are functioning on autopilot.

Athletes are trained to bring down their heart rate, calm their nerves and fight according to their game plan. Krav Maga is not a sport. When we fight its life and death, adrenaline is peaking and animal instincts take over. Forget about calming your nerves or executing a game plan. Think chaos and fear of death. This is the realm we train for.

I became well acquainted with this as a combat soldier. We would prepare for an operation. Go over the mission plan. But when it was on, it was on. When the bullets are flying, those who were not conditioned to fight under stress were not able to function effectively.

Technique is important. But sometimes more important than technique is the ability to fight back and fight back aggressively. Dig into your animal instincts and unleash hell on your attacker with everything you got. Your Krav Maga training should prepare you for this.

When formulating a training program, I combine effective technique, physical conditioning and fight training for performance under stress.

Ron Engelman