Skills Assessment and Training to Fight

Skills assessment is a critical component of any successful structured training program. This holds true for every form of education and training - Krav Maga is no different. Throughout the year, Krav Maga practitioners train according to material fitting for their level. Levels ensure that their skills development is structured and it helps set goals. Testing holds us accountable to meet the goals we have set.

Testing has another critical role - a structured training program involving skills assessment can drive you to reach goals and to train harder, helping you to learn more and achieve more. While I was at university studying psychology, I enjoyed learning the class content (for some subjects a bit more than others), but it was the end-of-year exams that motivated me to sit down and work hard, because I needed to pass the assessments.

For Krav Maga Maga practitioners, if we ever find ourselves called to put our training to the ultimate test and protect ourselves or the ones we love, it is already too late to check whether the skills we have been developing “work”. That is why we conduct skills tests – to ensure our students are prepared for practical situations. Testing and grading form an integral part in training our practitioners into fighters. Grading gives our students, some who come to us with limited fighting experience, the opportunity to become adept at fighting aggressively to protect themselves. We set goals by setting levels of performance and conduct regular gradings, helping students to monitor their progress and performance over the course of their training.