Who would win in a fight?


In martial arts, one question stands above all; who would win in a fight? Someone who practices Judo or Karate? Boxing or Jiujitsu? We say WHO CARES? Krav Maga is not about challenging people to fight (to boost your ego). Real violence is dangerous and people get hurt; sometimes killed. Krav Maga is about avoiding fights, and if necessary, defending yourself and disengaging. For us, violence is a tool that gets used reluctantly, for the purpose of getting home safely. 

This is because we understand violence and treat it with reverence. Competition is fun and can be healthy; violence is not. Just as playing paintball is not the same as storming the beaches of Normandy watching your best friends blown to bits. To us, violence is a means, but certainly not the aim.

We train people to take ownership of their safety and inspire those who can to protect others.

Ron Engelman 

Ron Engelman